Lilly-Puss and Pharaoh audio-book: something for everyone!

The Road of Life album - ‘Electronica Classica’!

August 2008: Let’s dance and forget about the stress of everyday life! Enjoy this electronica with a touch of classical music!

Single. Independent. Sofia Gladys’s album explores the emotional complexities of the 21st century female. Her philosophy is expressed in lyrics like, “she walks now, strong and alone, ‘cause love lasts only as long as a song”.

A quote from a fan from YouTube:

“This one as beautiful as Ancestors' Sins which made me to look up your other video. Thanks for sharing!!”

SOFIA GLADYS appreciate your support! Their music is available from:

ANCESTORS’ SINS - album in the ‘Gypsy Electronica’ style!

August 2008: If you like Madonna’s album Ray of Light, you’ll love Ancestors Sins too! With the touch of classical music and Balkan folk, Ancestors’ Sins album will appeal to the audience who like exploring new trends in music. Surprise waits for you on every “corner” of this album!

A quote from a fan from YouTube:
“Great music with a wonderful touch of the surreal that is also reflected in the video. Super job!”Home_files/Ancestors%27%20Sins%20Album%20-%20lyrics%20ver%207.pdf


Sofia Gladys Projects is an independent multimedia production company. Our mission is to express art in any digital media and make it a truly entertainment experience.

Take a look, listen, enjoy!

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Free lyrics and poster download...Home_files/Ancestors%27%20Sins%20Album%20-%20lyrics%20ver%207_1.pdffile://localhost/Ancestors'%20Sins%20Album%20-%20lyrics-9.pdfshapeimage_7_link_0
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NEW “Electronica Classica” single:

if you like Andrea Bocelli you'll love this!

October 2008: Andrea Bocelli meets Cock Robin! If you are into relaxing music yet uplifting with the occasional surprise, then you might want to check it out! The duo ‘plasticat’ is in a class of their own, so don't miss the opportunity to hear something fresh and unique! Oh, we forgot to tell you, the song is about a man who falls in love with a beautiful woman. The only problem is – she's a ghost!

Listen to the sample audio...

Free lyrics and poster download (pdf)...

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February 2009: A perfect bed-time story for children and a good laugh for parents too! This multi-voiced audio-book is a comedy about two cats - Lilly-Puss and Pharaoh, who think that humans are their servants. Duration 24 mins, Bonus two children songs. Only $3.99 US - download from!